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VHP® LS60 Bio-decontamination Unit

VHP® LS60 Bio-decontamination Unit

With programmed cycles, a high capacity chamber, and VHP process technology, the STERIS VHP LS60 Bio-decontamination Unit is an economical and compact solution for low-temperature bio-decontamination of instruments.

VHP® 1000ED-S AND –AB Bio-decontamination System

VHP® 1000ED-S AND –AB Bio-decontamination System

Designed for bio-decontamination of sealed enclosures (isolators, workstations, aseptic filling lines, pass-throughs) and rooms in research, biological safety, and production applications.

VHP® ARD Bio-decontamination System

VHP® ARD Bio-decontamination System

The VHP®ARD Bio-decontamination System is designed for portable bio-decontamination of clean, dry, sealed enclosures. The VHP® 1000-ARD Bio-decontamination Unit is portable and can be brought to (or placed inside) the enclosure to be bio-decontaminated.

VHP® M100 Bio-decontamination System

VHP® M100 Bio-decontamination System

The VHP®M100 Small Volume Bio-decontamination System is a hydrogen peroxide vapour generator for bio-decontamination of clean, dry, sealed enclosures used in medical and biological laboratories.

VHP® MD140X Bio-decontamination Unit

VHP® M1000-T4 Bio-decontamination System

The VHP®M1000-T4 Bio-decontamination System is used for fast, continuous (open-loop) bio-decontamination of clean, dry, sealed enclosures used in pharmaceutical, aseptic filling, defence and aerospace applications.


VHP® MD140X Bio-decontamination Unit

The VHP®MD140X Bio-decontamination Unit is designed for the application of Vaprox® 59 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant to properly prepared (cleaned, rinsed and dried) reusable metal and nonmetal instruments using STERIS’s VHP process technology, vacuum conditions and Vaprox 59 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant. The low-temperature bio-decontamination cycles are suitable for bio-decontaminating instruments that are sensitive to heat and moisture.

VHP® VICTORY™ Bio-decontamination Unit

The VHP® VICTORY™ Bio-decontamination Unit is designed for mobile bio-decontamination of clean, dry, sealed enclosures with volumes from 1000 - 20,000 ft3 (28 - 566 m3) using STERIS’s VHP® Process Technology, featuring SmartPhase™ (US Patent No. 8007717) software and Vaprox® Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant.


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Continuous Effluent Decontamination (CED) System Model

The Continuous Effluent Decontamination (CED) system is designed to decontaminate biologically hazardous waste. As the waste flows through the CED system at a constant rate, the waste is heated to the set temperature point. The waste remains at the set point long enough to be decontaminated. To assure decontamination is achieved, the temperature is continuously monitored, and a stable flow rate is maintained during the process.

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